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Professional Advice on Selecting the Right Materials for Your Project


We do all the hard work for you by cutting your panel or plywood product accurately, ready for assembly or other use. We specialize in bulk/volume cut to size work where we can offer a low “per cut piece” price for your machining requirements, or we can also charge by the hour, whichever works out cheaper for our customers. Prices vary with each individual job, as many factors dictate the time taken to complete orders such as thickness of board, whether trim cuts and/or squaring is required, number of pieces derived from each sheet, complexity of pieces, and multiple pieces.


We offer a variety of CNC cutting and routing services with utmost precision. With years of experience in Woodworking CNC machine services across a diverse range of sectors including Residential, Commercial, Government, Non-Profit and Healthcare industries. Our experts have unlimited strategies and cutting ideas to suit your requirements and with our top of the range Woodworking CNC machines, you can be assured that your components will be cut to the best standards of the industry, in the shortest time and with the least waste. We can machine products to any shape and size and can drill numerous formats to suit your requirements. Contract cutting is what we specialize in and work on projects with small to high volume turnover requirements. Whether we are machining your dream kitchen cabinetry or routing complex shapes for your abstract designs, simply send us your specifications or a CAD/DXF file and we can quote these items for you.


We stock and distribute a wide range of structural and non-structural Timber, plywood, MDF, Marine Ply, Form Ply, Melamine, T&G Flooring, Particleboard, Veneers and many more. With our capacity of bulk purchasing from the manufacturing mills, we can assist you with the most affordable rates possible in the industry. Most of our products are available in stock at our warehouse and can be delivered to you in a short period of time. Contact us with your requirements and we will ensure we support you with your projects.


A flatpack cabinet is a DIY solution that you can assemble yourself after coming up with a design that is best suited for your space. With a wide range of options to select ranging from cabinets, doors, benchtops and a variety of high-quality fittings. Our cabinets are flexible with your design because our range of cabinets are designed in sizes to suit kitchens small and big, we even have a customizable range, to ensure you get the perfect fit and look. This flexibility allows for a range of options when designing your kitchen, laundry, bathroom and other cabinetry layouts. Our cabinets are solid on the sides, base and back and are built to withstand the heaviest appliances, because our range is made up of a different colour, shape and style options. It gives our customers freedom and flexibility to tailor their cabinets to suit personal tastes and needs. A flatpack cabinet does not mean comprising on quality. One of the main reasons Australians choose flatpack cabinets is the affordability of the product. We manufacture all our flat packs right here in Australia and because we have access to a wide network we can locally manufacture. Our flat packs are Australian designed and manufactured, by Australians for Australia.


Our automatic single sided edge banding machine has the precision and speed to output large volumes for our customers. The machine has proven its potential and performance by delivering over 100,000+ pieces of edge banding for a single contract volume job. We have various solid tone edgeband colors with many more to match decorative requirements from fine woods to plywood multiplex effects, artistic design combinations to brilliant stone and trendy metallic prints. Be it the favorite whites or a completely unique print for a custom design or retail project. Whether it is for a thin generic or durable and more thick edge for high use areas, we have all the PVC edgeband options.


Viking Woodworks offers one of the utmost extensive and diverse range of low maintenance, prefinished designer panels, architectural walls and acoustic ceiling systems from a wide range of timber options. All of our decorative panels are extremely durable, light weight and have the highest quality. Designer and Acoustic Panels is where our expertise is developing with the modern-day trends and architecture. Our panels are known and engineered to simplify installation. The acoustic celling panels are produced with modern standards that fit into ceiling grids that are widely used in the construction industry. Our panels add a touch of natural elegance that suit a variety of different spaces. Decorative panels play an important role. Interior decorative panels are the finishing piece in designs and trends on a final project.


Pallets and Cases are in integral part of a supply chain for a business. We at Viking Woodworks ensure that this is our top most priority. We construct all types of wood pallets from standard to custom made pallets. We have our own in-house case making facilities, enabling us to cut and manufacture plywood or timber cases, crates or pallets to virtually any size or specification. Your custom needs and requirements are taken in consideration to manufacture weight-bearing pallets from the highest-quality materials available to ensure that your goods are not damaged during transit. Available at competitive prices our pallets are built to last. When you need durable and strong cases to transport fragile goods, we can assure you that our cases are up to the highest standards possible to ensure goods are not damaged. Our specialized staff will manufacture your cases as per your requirements whether they are for export or local use and ensure that they are durable and easy to maneuver. We always listen to the needs of our customers and look forward to an innovating approach to meet changing industry requirements.


Our staff have experience in assembling your products as per your requirements while saving costs and time. If you have a project that require various different components to be assembled, we can do that for you at our warehouse ready for installation on site. Having a cut and assemble service under one roof ensures that your products are put together precisely and ready for delivery with our courier service. We ensure assembled components are packed safely to avoid any damages and ease maneuvering when on site.

Whether you are looking for high quality materials, the exclusive touch or simply a fantastic product that looks and works just right, we can help you.

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Professional Advice on Selecting the Right Materials for Your Project