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Viking Woodworks is one of the leading Plywood Manufacturers in Australia. We can simply offer a value added service, by machining your material, or we can also supply material to meet your needs, at very competitive, wholesale level pricing.

MDF – also known as Customwood or Craftwood in Standard & Moisture Resistant

Particleboard – also known as Chipboard in Standard & Moisture Resistant

Masonite – also known as Hardboard in Standard, Tempered, Pegboard and more

Melamine – on MDF or Particleboard substrates in any colour currently on the market

Pallet Grade Plywood– we can supply any plywood product on the market including;

  1. Australian Standard Marine Ply AS/NZS2272 – A/A
  2. British Standard Marine Ply BS1088 – B/B
  3. Hardwood Exterior Ply – B/C
  4. Pine Exterior Ply – B/C and C/D
  5. Hardwood Structural Ply AS/NZS2269 – C/D
  6. Pine Structural Ply AS/NZS2269 – C/D and D/D
  7. Pine Bracing Ply AS/NZS2269 – D/D
  8. Hardwood Bracing Ply AS/NZS2269 – C/C
  9. Formply AS/NZS6669
  10. Film Faced Hardwood Ply – smooth both sides and anti-slip one side with smooth back
  11. Birch Exterior Ply – B/B and S/B
  12. Hoop Pine Ply – A/C, B/B and more


Bearers – we manufacture bearers on site either using recycled Particleboard and MDF offcuts, or solid timber. Our standard bearers are grooved to suit up to 20mm wide strapping, but can be customised to suit your needs.

Offcuts for Sale – we sell offcuts. We generally have large volumes of offcuts available at heavily discounted  prices. You will often find what you need is available in offcuts. Contact us with your requirements and we will always offer you the cheapest option.









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Professional Advice on Selecting the Right Materials for Your Project

Who we are?

Viking Woodworks offers an extensive range of services such as Volume Cut To Size, CNC Routing, Pallets, Flat Pack Kitchens, Decorative Panels and supply a wide range of timber products.

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Expert help

Our services include technical advice from our experts, based on years of experience in the industry (Est 2010).

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We can custom cut your panels to any size and shape saving your costs and time.

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Fast deliveries

Whenever you want Plywood, Timber or your products delivered ASAP, our swift courier service will get things moving for you.

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Easy pickups

You can also come to our warehouse and pick up your products with onsite parking available.


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We provide guidlines & take care to making our workplace secure and safe for employees returning to the office.


Whether you are looking for high quality materials, the exclusive touch or simply a fantastic product that looks and works just right, we can help you.

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Professional Advice on Selecting the Right Materials for Your Project